Jerry Voltz


Jerry Voltz is Web Developer at Beyond Marketing. His expertise lies in perfectly blending artistic and technical talent to bring the message to life. In short, Jerry brings the right balance of graphic design excellence, Web design acumen and technical proficiency to the table. He works closely with the Beyond Marketing creative team and comes armed with a degree in multimedia. Jerry excels in translating your words into a visual expression to communicate in a clear and impressive way. It is powerful, creative and effectively reaches the target audience. His body of work includes designing and developing creative work for the tourism, academic, banking and health care categories among others.

Jerry has always had a passion and knack for communicating through visuals. He wrote his first computer program at age 7 in QBasic and began creating 3D models at age 13. Jerry is committed to beautiful design, elegant code, and the intersection of the two.

Also, he is quite tall.


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