Mindi Yarbrough


Mindi is Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer at Beyond Marketing. Mindi works magic on a daily basis for the clients of Beyond Marketing. Most importantly, Mindi is a strategic thinker as well as an award winning design beast—instrumental in developing branding, marketing and advertising ideas. Although Mindi’s skill set is vast, her greatest expertise resides in the worlds of visual communications, front-end Web design, brand identity, and print collateral. She can execute a mean storyboard too! In fact, Mindi brings over 13 years experience in the design industry.

This Ohio Valley native also has big-city experience. She earned a design degree in Pittsburgh before widening her horizons and going west. Previous employers in Columbus, Ohio, Wheeling, W. Va., and San Francisco, Calif., have recognized her exceptional work ethic and proven creative solutions.

For Mindi, creativity is more than a career, it’s a way of life. “I have never wanted be anything other than an artist. Except, maybe a mermaid,” she explains as she remembers painting and creating artwork from an early age.

Her creativity is fueled by burritos, crafting, music, and an obsession with all things artistic.

Contact: mindi@beyondmk.com

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